Air Purifier Aliento

An air purifier is a device which removes contaminants from the air in a closed space. 360º Air Outlet and inner with big fan to spread out negative ions quickly. Aroma scent essential oils for beautiful fragrance.

Price: 4500/- INR

Area Cover:  20 Sq. ft.

Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR):  12 cubic meter / hr – 15 cubic meter / hr

Sensor:  Auto Odor Sensor. Activated oxygen atoms kills odors tobacco.

Air Quality Indicator:  Red for bad, Blue for medium, green for great
Fan Speed: Auto Control

Negative Ions:  12milion / cc

Power Consumption:  6W

Voltage: 12V DC

Name Air Purifier Aliento
Negative ions 1200W/cc
Product Size 200*185*60mm
Voltage 12V
Testing peculiar smell sensor
Interface DC3.5mm

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You can Customize your Own color with Order Larger than 3’000 pics

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Clean space

High precision room air quality detection,instantaneous responce,effectively remove indoor air dirt

Large particulate matter can be intercepted

Effective filtering dust,hair,floc,floc etc

Touch button

Touch , open a healty life

Multi layer purification

The use rate of visualization use more at ease are easier to change