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Nano Mist Sprayer Devil Edition

Nano Mist Sprayer Devil Edition


If a girlish mist spraying gadget doesn’t suit you we have just the right thing for you! Nano Mist Sprayer Devil Edition has been developed keeping that in mind.

  • Premium and Unique Mist Sprayer
  • 30 ML Capacity
  • Portable

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Maintenance Tips

  • Do not use any Glycerine/Gel based Sanitizer.
  • Use Sanitizing liquid containing Alcohol & water only.

The Seller/Manufacturer takes no responsibility for the damage caused due to improper handling of the product.


6 months (subject to applicable terms and conditions)

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Product Disclaimer:

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In how many variants Nano Mist Sprayer is available in ?

Available in 3 variants –
Regular: white / pink
Limited edition: multiple colors
Devil Edition

Is there any difference in Regular one and Limited edition?

Yes, they differ in Battery capacity and Colors. Limited edition comes with 400 mah battery while the regular one comes with 250 mah battery.

What is the origin of the Product?

It is assembled and customized in India. We have our Manufacturing Unit in Noida and Delhi.

What kind of Sanitizer we can use to refill it?

Any Liquid based sanitizer can be used to refill it. Do not use any gel based sanitizer as it won’t work with it

Does it come with any warranty?

Yes! It comes with 6 months warranty on any technical issue but the warranty isn’t applicable on any physical damage.

Additional information

Product Gross Weight 500 g
This Box Contains:

Air Frog Nano Mist Sprayer Devil Edition : 1 Unit
USB Cable : 1 Unit


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